Bad Muffler Symptoms

Muffler problems may start out small, but they can turn into huge headaches over time. What are the bad muffler symptoms that you need to know? Between strange muffler sounds and odd odors spilling from the exhaust, there are several clues that your car will provide before a full muffler replacement is needed.

Primary Warning Signs of a Bad Muffler

While engine problems prompt your engine light to illuminate, bad muffler symptoms initially more subtle. That’s why it’s critical to keep your eyes, ears, and even nose open on every drive:

  • Noises: Your muffler operates in silence when working properly. If you notice loud muffler sounds, schedule your appointment immediately!
  • Engine Backfire: If your engine is backfiring, it’s typically an indication of something wrong with your vehicle’s exhaust system. It could just be one of several bad muffler symptoms, but there’s also a chance that it’s a bigger issue.
  • Efficiency: Keep tabs on your fuel economy. A bad muffler can seriously reduce your efficiency, which is bad for your car’s performance and your wallet!
  • Moisture in the Exhaust Pipes: If you notice moisture coming from your car’s exhaust pipes, this could result in corrosion of your vehicle’s exhaust system, which could in turn lead to failure of your muffler. It’s true that heating and cooling are regular processes within an engine and exhaust system, especially during cold weather, but it can cause problems over time. You should especially be concerned if you notice moisture coming from your car’s exhaust on a dry, sunny day.
  • Odors: A bad muffler can produce awful smells from your exhaust system. These fumes can be dangerous, so don’t hesitate to head to the shop.

Learn More About Bad Muffler Symptoms With Tamaroff Honda

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