Do I Need My Brakes Checked?

July 2nd, 2016 by

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Your brakes are a crucial component of any vehicle, so it is imperative to keep an eye on the conditions of these life-saving features. If you have been asking yourself, “Do I need my brakes checked?”, then read our list of what to look out for. Stay on top of your maintenance schedule and come in today to Tamaroff Honda.

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Warning Signs

There are many different signs that may come up when your brakes need to be checked. Here are a few symptoms to keep in mind:

  • Thin Brakes: Checking the thickness of your brake pads will let you know the status of your brakes. Examine the wheel spokes, and you will find a pad between the rotor and the caliper. If you notice the pads are less than a quarter of an inch in thickness, then they are ready to be changed.
  • Squealing Sounds: A screeching and squealing in your brakes is an indicator that your brakes are ready to be replaced. The harsh sound means that the brakes are thin and scraping against the metal. Not only does this require a check-up of your brakes and pads, but your rotors as well.
  • Vibrations in the Brake Pedal: When your brake pedal vibrates, that’s a sign that the rotors are warping. This could also mean the wheels are misaligned. When brakes are placed under heavy stress from towing, steep climbing, and other harsh driving conditions, then they may need to be checked more frequently than a city commuter.
  • Pedal To The Almost Metal: Are your brakes nearly touching the floor with each press of the pedal? This could mean several different things: the pads are heavily worn down, there is an air leak, or brake fluid is leaking. To check for fluids, put a piece of cardboard under your car and check for a clear oil. At the same time, brakes that need to be pushed to the floor are also an indication of a brake obstruction.

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