The 2016 Honda Pilot Safety Features

2016 Honda Pilot rear camera

Safety is an important category to discuss while researching any new purchase. The 2016 Honda Pilot safety features are made up of standard and available amenities, from built-in sensors to advanced driver technologies. Drivers and auto experts alike have been impressed by all that the Pilot has achieved in the field of safety technology. Try a 2016 Honda Pilot model today at Tamaroff Honda.

More Pilot Details

Standard Features

The Pilot ensures safety across all trim levels with a wide variety of standard features. Daytime Running Lights are included with each model to increase vehicle presence on the road. Starting with the EX trim and higher, the Pilot is equipped with efficient LED Daytime Running Lights. In the back of the vehicle, check out the rear view camera. It gives you just the right viewing angle that you need to back out of tricky parking spaces with finesse. It delivers multiple angles to help you maneuver swiftly, and also includes guidelines for added ease.
2016 Honda Pilot front end lights

Rugged Construction

The Pilot structure itself is made to be incredibly strong and defend passengers at the first sign of an accident. The structure is lightweight to increase fuel efficiency, but tough enough to absorb the energy of harsh impacts. Additionally, advanced air bags are placed strategically throughout the cabin to cover the driver and passengers. The side curtains also have a rollover sensor for optimal protection.
2016 Honda Pilot construction

Available Safety Technology

Driver assistance technology comes in the available Honda Sensing safety package. It has the option for the following state-of-the-art features:

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System knows when to stop the car because it detects oncoming motion that you may not be available to avoid. The system automatically brakes to help you prevent potential damage.
  • Road Departure Mitigation is a system that works with a camera that scans the road for lane markers. As a result, it knows when you are leaving your lane without a turn signal and warns you to stay on track.
  • Lane Keeping Assist System works in conjunction with Road Departure Mitigation. Once your leave the lane by drifting, the system will help guide you back into the appropriate lines.
2016 Honda Pilot collision mitigation

Tamaroff Honda Has the Honda Pilot

Drop by Tamaroff Honda to try the 2016 Honda Pilot safety features in person. Let us show you why these models are impressive and perfect for those who need extra reassurance while on the road. Contact us online to book a time for a test drive.