OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

Whether you’ve got a bad muffler or a failing starter, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you find yourself in need of replacement auto parts. And often, our customers ask us “Is there a difference between OEM vs. aftermarket parts?” The answer is yes! OEM parts, or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, are some of the most dependable and consistent on the market today – which is why our technicians will always recommend them. Learn the key differences between OEM vs. aftermarket parts with Tamaroff Honda near Bloomfield, and schedule your service today.

What are Aftermarket Parts?

We established that OEM parts are made by your vehicle’s original manufacturer, so what are aftermarket parts? Aftermarket parts are manufactured by a third party – or basically, anyone who is not your car’s manufacturer. That means there are typically many, many options to sort through. This can be a good thing, since you have more competition and more availability, but it can also be quite a gamble. Aftermarket parts are often inconsistent in quality and few carry warranties. That means if you get a lemon, you’ve just wasted your time and money.

What are OEM Parts?

You know what aftermarket parts are, so what are OEM parts? OEM parts are identical to the components found in your car. This has many benefits. First, there’s no need to check prices and reviews of tons of different competitors. Simply pick up the replacement part that your manufacturer recommends. Additionally, you can be confident that your new part will fit and perform just as well as the previous piece did.

And what if you encounter a lemon? No need to worry. Typically, you’ll have a nice warranty attached to your new OEM part. Due to the quality and warranties of OEM parts, we think that they are the better option for Troy and Farmington Hills drivers.

Find Out More with Tamaroff Honda

Now that you know the differences between OEM vs. aftermarket parts, why not visit Tamaroff Honda to pick up your replacement parts? You can order your parts and even schedule your service online to save time! Still have questions about your auto concerns? Feel free to contact us for more help.