How Often Should I Wax My Car?

Waxing a car can be tough work, but when you stand back and look at your hard work, the results are well worth the time and effort. So, how often should I wax my car for the best results? While most drivers in Bloomfield stick with the standard recommendation of two times per year, you might want to break out the auto wax a little more often if you want the best results. Find out how to wax a car and why this task is so important with Tamaroff Honda.

Benefits of Waxing a Car

Everyone knows that a freshly waxed vehicle shines like nothing else, but the benefits of waxing a car aren’t just about cosmetic factors. Wax can provide a layer of protection against paint damage. This ensures that your car’s finish stays flawless, while also protecting the bodywork from corrosion and rust. Most cars get plenty of benefits from waxing once in spring and once in fall. However, waxing once per season will give you even better results if you’re willing to put in the work!

How to Wax a Car

Waxing a car isn’t difficult, but it takes some time. You’ll need an applicator pad, microfiber cloth, and a high-quality auto wax. Here is a brief rundown of the process:

  • Wash your car at home or head to the car wash to start with a blank canvas.
  • Park in a shaded area so the sun doesn’t dry out your products and towel dry the car to remove water spots.
  • Choose your product. Softer waxes are easier to apply, but harder waxes last longer.
  • Apply a light coat of wax with vertical or horizontal strokes and buff off with a microfiber cloth.
  • Work in small sections to ensure an even application, and move around the car until every surface has been waxed.

Find Out More with Tamaroff Honda

Now that you know how to wax a car, why not learn how to detail a car or care for your leather seats? Or for the budget-minded, read our tips on saving money on gas. Tamaroff Honda is here to help you with your DIY efforts, but for a professional touch, visit our dealership in the Troy and Farmington Hills area. Contact us for more information about proper car care, or schedule your service with our certified technicians today!