What Are the Pros and Cons of CVT Transmissions?

What Does CVT Stand For?

CVT stands for continuously variable transmission, and this type of automatic transmission uses pulleys and a steel band instead of traditional fixed gears. It’s always automatically adjusting to your driving, and it provides smooth, stepless gear changes. Car manufacturers like CVT transmissions because they help improve fuel efficiency by containing RPMs, or engine speed.

Advantages of CVT Over Automatic Transmissions

  • Outstanding fuel efficiency is a major advantage for your Bloomfield and Troy commutes. CVTs are always adjusting, so they keep engine RPMs low and consistent, avoiding the high engine speeds that suck down gasoline.
  • CVTs also have lower production costs because they have fewer moving parts than traditional automatics. This is another appealing factor to car manufacturers, and thus to car buyers as well.
  • CVTs deliver a smooth ride because the transmission doesn’t have to constantly switch gears.

Disadvantages of CVT Over Automatic Transmissions

  • You may feel a delay when you step on the accelerator. That’s because, compared to a regular automatic transmission, there’s a slight pause as the CVT band adjusts.
  • CVTs can be hard to get used to because they just don’t feel the same way a traditional automatic does. The engine sound is monotonous, and you don’t feel a connection with the car like you do when you can tell a gear has shifted.
  • In spite of the low initial costs of a CVT, repairs can be more expensive because the parts are more costly to replace. And because technicians need special training, it may be harder to find someone that can make the repair. This has become less of an issue as CVTs have become more common.

More About CVT Transmissions

We’ve covered the basics of CVT transmission pros and cons, but there’s a lot more to learn about the differences between a CVT and an automatic, and we can help. Our professional sales staff is experienced in explaining these differences and can show you vehicles with and without a CVT. We’d love the chance to show off our new inventory and get you on some test drives so you can see the difference. Make the short trip from Farmington Hills or contact us today for more information.