What is HondaLink?

January 8th, 2018 by

Hondalink Smartphone

Every vehicle in the Honda lineup is full of exceptional technology, and the HondaLink system is a prime example. So, what is HondaLink? This connectivity system was designed with high-tech convenience in mind. Set service appointments, call 24-hour roadside assistance, get parking reminders, and much more with just a tap of your smartphone screen! Tamaroff Honda will walk you through this terrific system, found throughout our new inventory!

Standard Features

The HondaLink system is included on a wide variety of Honda models, and each system is equipped with handy features to make your driving experience so much better. Here are just a few examples:

  • A digital owner’s manual is built into the system, so you can easily find out information about your vehicle without searching for that lost booklet.
  • Set a parking reminder before you leave the parking garage, and you’ll never lose track of your car again!
  • Need an oil change? You can schedule appointments at a certified Honda dealership with HondaLink at your command.

Optional Features

Depending on your model and trim, you may also have access to bonus features to boost your safety and security.

  • Drivers can use the remote start system to flip on the engine and turn on the climate control, even while indoors.
  • The security system may be synced with HondaLink, so you get a push notification if the alarm is triggered.
  • HondaLink may also be activated if your vehicle is stolen. The stolen vehicle locator can track your vehicle’s location to help authorities track down the car.

Custom Content

Not only do you get access to a host of amazing standard features, but your HondaLink system also delivers custom content to your vehicle.

  • Send directions directly from your phone to your navigation system to access turn-by-turn directions on the go. You can even create a list of favorites.
  • Your Honda will automatically notify you in case the vehicle needs attention, including vehicle notifications and maintenance reminders.
  • HondaLink also records your vital driving statistics for easy reference, like fuel level and oil life readings.

Find Out More with Tamaroff Honda!

Now that you know all about HondaLink, why not try it out in person? Tamaroff Honda has a fantastic selection of high-tech Honda vehicles, and our experts can walk you through all the features during your test drive. Contact us for more information!