How to Remove Stickers From a Car

September 10th, 2018 by

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Are your bumper stickers showing their age (and your car’s?) Stop procrastinating and learn how to remove stickers from a car yourself. Here’s the best way to do it without damaging your car’s finishes.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin, set yourself up for success with some supplies available at any nearby hardware store or superstore. You may already own them.

  • Your hair dryer
  • Scraping tools: sturdy plastic card if your sticker is on paint, a razor blade or box cutter if your sticker or decal is on glass
  • Tree sap remover
  • Detailing spray for paint surfaces or glass cleaner
  • A few clean rags

Remove Your Stickers

We’re going to tell you how to remove decals and stickers from car paint or glass, as well as how to remove stubborn sticker residue from your car. It can be a bit of a slow process, so grab a helper if you can.

  • Wash your car, or at least clean the area you’ll be working on.
  • Park your car near an outlet so you can use the hair dryer.
  • Using the hair dryer at the hottest setting, aim the nozzle at the middle of the sticker. Keep it a few inches away from your car’s surface to avoid damaging the paint.
  • After a few seconds, work your way to the edges of the sticker.
  • Use your card (paint) or razor blade (glass) to check the corners of the sticker and see if it’s ready to peel away.
  • It helps to have someone else hold hair dryer so you can keep the glue warm while you work.
  • Pry the edges of the sticker up with your card or razor blade, and move it back and forth to cut the adhesive.
  • Use your fingers to add extra muscle to remove the sticker from the car.
  • Be prepared for the sticker to come off in messy sections. Just keep going, and heat the area with the hair dryer again if the sticker gets too cool.
  • Once the sticker comes off, you’ll probably still see a layer of adhesive. Simply scrape off what you can, and then use tree sap remover to get the rest.
  • Polish your sticker-free surface with detailing spray or glass cleaner.

Tamaroff Honda Car Detailing

Once your vehicle is free of those old stickers, bring it by our service center for detailing so it can really shine. Contact us online to learn more!