Big Benefits of Winter Tires

December 13th, 2017 by

Honda Winter Tires

If you deal with Michigan winters, then you’re probably wondering if the benefits of winter tires are worth exploring, especially if you already have all-weather tires. Well, winter tires exist because they’re specially designed to give you the better grip and traction that you desperately need when you’re driving in less than perfect wintry weather conditions. There are a number of benefits to using winter tires:

Controlled Handling

Tires designed for winter driving are constructed with a soft rubber compound material designed to stay flexible and pliant, even when temperatures drop dramatically. As a result, winter tires can adjust to the road and provide you with more controlled handling.

Tighter Traction and Grip

The tread patterns on winter tires look totally different than those on other tires. Wider grooves and deep sipes are why. Broader grooves create channels for water and snow to actually drain off the tire, drastically improving your traction. Tiny slits in the tread, called sipes, are designed to plow through slush and water without hydroplaning, and that enhances your grip. There’s such a big difference in traction compared to all-season tires – 25 to 50 percent better – that there’s no doubt you’re going to be less likely to get stuck or skid out.

All-Season Isn’t Really For Winter

While the concept of all-season tires is a good one, they just don’t do the job that winter tires do. All-season tires are basically a jack-of-all-trades. In general, they boast long tread life, good ride quality and traction, and satisfactory fuel economy. But in freezing temperatures, the treads get cold and hard, and they’re not flexible enough to give you the traction you need.

Winter Tire Know-How

It’s tempting to put just two winter tires on to save money. Bad idea. You should always install a matching set of four winter tires so you have balance and avoid traction mismatch issues. With two tires, you’re way more likely to spin out or plow straight ahead, out of control. You also need to remember to maintain the right air pressure in your winter tires, so you’re assured of the best possible traction and handling.

Tamaroff Honda Service Center

Tamaroff Honda’s service center can tell you more about the benefits of winter tires and help with all of your service needs. Our Authorized Tire Center will help you select the ideal tires for your vehicle and work with you to ensure everything meets your specifications. Winter’s here, so contact Tamaroff Honda today!

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